As the premier Plywood Distributor in Southern CA, Phillips stocks a wide variety of hardwood and softwood plywood products. Hardwood plywood is a panel product composed of a variety of core materials, including veneer, MDF, particle board and composites, and a hardwood veneer face and back.  Softwood plywood is composed of veneer core with a face and back of softwood (fir, pine, etc.) veneer.

Your requirements determine the product you need. Generally, decorative applications call for hardwood plywood and structural applications will use softwood plywood.  In addition, performance requirements such as panel flatness, edge appearance, screw-holding power and dimensional stability will impact your final decision, especially core choice.

Here's a concise list of the plywood products we stock but as a constantly evolving Plywood Distributor, other items are available:
Hardwood Plywood
All  CARB II compliant
Available NAF,  NAUF

and/or FSC® certified  
African Mahogany, Alder,
Beech, Red Birch, White Birch,
Cherry, VG Douglas Fir, Hickory,
Maple, Red Oak, White Oak,
Sapele, Teak, Walnut,
Wenge, Zebrawood
Thicknesses: 1/8" - 1"
Sizes: 4x8, 4x10

Baltic Birch BB/BB
Chinese Birch C2
Indonesian Meranti BB/CC
Thicknesses:  1/4" - 1"
Sizes:  4x8, 5x5
Softwood Plywood
All  CARB II compliant
Available NAF,  NAUF

and/or FSC® certified
​              FSC-CO22880
ACX, CDX, Marine Grade
Thicknesses: 3/8" - 3/4"
Sizes: 4x8, 4x10, 5x9
Radiata Pine ACX
Thicknesses: 1/4" - 1"
Size: 4x8
Duallam by Lamination Technology Industries
All  CARB II compliant
Available NAF,  NAUF and/or FSC certified  

Hardwood Face Veneer/ Foil Back
Thickness:  3/4"
Size:  4x8
Core:  Particle Board
Veneer face species:  Alder, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut
Foil back:  Hardrock Maple, White

Medium Density Overlay "MDO"

Two sided only
Thicknesses:  1/2" and 3/4"
Size:  4x8

Prefinished Plywood
All  CARB II compliant
Available NAF,  NAUF

and/or FSC® certified
​               FSC-CO22880
Columbia Forest Products with UV cured finish
Species:  Cherry, Maple, Sapele, Walnut
Finished one-side or two sides
Thicknesses: 1/4" - 3/4"
Size 4x8, 5x5
Chinese Birch (C2) - Finished 2 sides
Thickness: 1/4" - 3/4"
Size:  4x8

Baltic Birch (BB/BB) - Finished 2 sides
Thickness:  1/4" - 3/4"
Size:  4x8, 5x5
Prefinished Drawer Sides
Baltic birch drawer sides with a UV cured finish to help you fabricate high quality drawers.  They have a bull-nose on

one edge and a 9/32" groove, 1/2" from the bottom for the drawer bottom.

We stock four sizes:

  • 12mm thick, 4" x 60"
  • 12mm thick, 6" x 60"
  • 12mm thick, 8" x 60"
  • 12mm thick, 10" x 60"  
Bending Board
Thicknesses:  1/8" - 3/8"
Sizes:  4x8, 8x4

Phillips Plywood is proud to be your Plywood Distributor in Southern CA 
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