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​​Veneer offers you the ability to provide the look your job requires.  We stock a very extensive variety of species in various cuts and with various backing to match your needs. We can meet your matching requirements for color and figure either from our stock or on rapid delivery from our suppliers.

Real Wood Veneer

FSC® certified Wood Veneer
FormWood, our principal supplier, fabricates our veneer using a variety of backing systems.  Real wood veneer is available with a 10 mil paper back,   No Black Line("NBL")  and  Duraback  configurations in virtually any species. Each has characteristics you should consider when choosing a veneer.  

Reconstituted Veneer ("Recon")

Uni-FormWood™   by FormWood is a man-made, obeche-based wood product that has been formed and dyed to exemplify a myriad of wood species.  Uni-FormWood™ veneers feature guaranteed color and grain consistency and are surprisingly less expensive than their naturally imperfect, real species counterparts. These reconstituted wood veneers are defect-free and are identical from sheet to sheet.

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